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This is for Threadless meet-up 2014 / white space gallery

Threadless is going to hold a chinese auction at the meet-up,  for the art work showing in the gallery. Where 100% of proceeds are going to go to an artist  Adam White who was recently diagnosed with early stages of multiple sclerosis and paresthesias.


New threadless feature FUND

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Threadless lunched a new feature FUND

This makes it easier for artist to get their designs printed and gives people great control in to what gets made. It works a little like kickstarter. You can support artist you like by pledging to buy the design you like. If 50 people pledge to buy the T-shirt it gets made 🙂 Then you get a high quality screen printed T-shirt and the artist get profits from the sales.

Here is todays front page of threadless  – check out the bottom right corner 🙂 spug !

help fund

This is Spug – the transporter mishap that came about when some one was beaming up Spock and had some trouble with spelling. So Spock got turned in to Spug !

It’s now up for voting and FUNDING. If you like him and would like to fund it here is a gift code for 5$ off – 5BGRSW

Spug, a cool t-shirt design